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Care Instructions


Cleaning your Anew Atelier bag is simple! To keep your purchase looking fresh:

  • Mix water with a small amount of mild dish soap (don't use harsh detergents)
  • Dip a non-abrasive (microfiber if possible) cloth into the mixture
  • Test a small area of the bag to ensure no discolouration. Gently wash the outside of the bag.
  • Let bag completely dry before storing away

For our canvas Mayan Beach Totes these can be hand washed or machine washed (on delicate cycle) in cold water only.

It's a good idea to give your bag a maintenance clean from time to time.


Keeping your bag clean and stored appropriately will help protect the vegan leather. If you wish to use a leather conditioner you can, although it's not considered necessary. Please be careful if you choose to do so and only use a small amount, a little goes a long way.


Store your bag in a dry, cool location out of the sun. Use a duster bag (or pillowcase) to protect it. Either store laying flat or standing upright. Where possible do not hang or stack your bags.